Black Gramophone Clock
Black Gramophone Clock Black Gramophone Clock Black Gramophone Clock
  • Beautiful, creative Vintage Camera Style desk and shelf clock is the perfect accent for your home or office. Provides precise time while becoming a delightful visual focus for your desk or shelf.
  • The Vintage retro look gives your decor that comfortable, quaint feeling everyone loves. Aluminium metal clock is coated with a little distressed finish, which makes the clock very retro and cool, It also makes a perfect gift for anybody.
  • VERY SILENT OPERATION. You won't have a loud ticking clock irritating everyone. The Quiet Quartz Movement guarantees accurate time and precision
  •  while providing silent performance. Great for bedrooms, kid's room, or nursery. Works well for your quiet office or waiting room.
  • Perfect as a gift for your loved ones.
  • USES 1 AA BATTERY. Battery not included.
  • Dimensions: 49 cm tall, 20 cm wide and 8 cm" diameter base.